Couldn't write anything for today and I'm about to fall asleep so just sharing a short horror story I wrote a while back

And there I was standing absolutely confused in front of the entry gate of city's graveyard. It was one very cold and foggy night and after gathering enough courage I entered into the crumbling old graveyard on a dare to my friends for searching the grave of 'Mike Hall'.

I was to dig up his grave and bring a piece of his bone back as an evidence of my accomplishment. I accepted the dare as I didn't believe the stories about the graveyard being haunted however I should have believed in them for they proved to be very true. I then started searching for the grave. I was feeling a bit uneasy because of the Stark black night, the hooting of owls and the fact that I was all alone around so many corpses.

After a while, I found a grave whose stone was engraved to say, “Here Lies the grave of Mike Hall”. I quickly dug up his grave to unveil a skeleton wrapped in a big black cloth. I took a piece of bone and rushed towards the exit but I was unable to locate the gate as dense fog was all around. I was terrified. Just then, I heard a spooky voice of a man. I shouted “Who’s There?”; “Who are you?” with fear. As soon as some fog around me cleared out, I found myself back at Mike Hall's grave but to my surprise his corpse was no longer in his grave. I was then promptly pushed by someone into the empty grave. It was none other than the reanimated corpse of Mike Hall who pushed me and was just filling the grave back. I was so terrified that I couldn't even move. I was now resting in the grave in place of Mike Hall.

No one ever found out the reason for my disappearance; for the others, Mike Hall was still resting in his grave. I was trapped in here forever waiting for someone just like me to dig up this grave.

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